27 November 2010

The Stories of the Critters.

So Pepsi said to me while I was out eating, that there was this Posting Party of the stories of how the furkids got to their forever home, hosted by Minna! I thought I should join, just for the fun of it. Just to make sure noone forgets the critters!

So here goes:
I was living with my brother Prince at my former hoomans' house, where we had no chance of coming out to play, had no interaction with hoomans, no proper care or check of our health, whatsoever. I was an angry boy, always bullying my brother Prince. I had a hole in my ear from fighting Prince, and Prince had this lump on his belly that was causing him much agony.

Mum was hanging out with her friend at his place (my former hooman's elder brother) when she saw my cage. It was a small 2 stories cage, with rusty bars because Prince and I always chewed on the bars due to boredom and lack of chew toys. The top wasn't tight, it was filthy, it was a horrible home to me.

As you know, hamsters have to live in solitary once they reach about 3 months old. When Mum saw Prince & I, we were 1yrs 6 months old, which is maybe about 9 to 10 dawggie yrs. She asked if she could play with us, and the hooman mom said "one of them is sick, we don't dare to carry him, later we get disease. They also will bite if you try to touch them." But Mum said it was okay, and put on a plastic glove which was useless for a hammie's bite. She took Prince out first because she could see that he was very unwell. She took me out and was immediately bitten hard!

Mum told the hoomans to bring Prince and I to the vet immediately as Prince was in very bad shape, but the hoomans actually said no, they didn't want to because they know nothing about hammies, and they didn't have the time to do so. Mum then said she would bring us to the vet that she brought Coco and Bobo to on their behalf. She took some money from them for the vet fees, because she was still schooling and only had a part time job which didn't earn her much, and took us to school the next day, and straight to the vet!

Prince and I snuggled up, sleeping during A's lecture in school.

So off to the vet we went. Mum updated the former hoomans about us, and said she could teach them how to apply the medication for Prince. & guess what the hoomans said.
They asked Mum to keep us in her care first, and only when Prince recovers, to let them know so they can bring us back. Boy, that made Mum lose her marbles. She told her friend that she was gonna keep us, and do NOT ever let his siblings buy any animals back as pets, because they are too irresponsible and heartless, and no animals deserve to go through such abuse.

Because Bobo had just passed away a week ago, Mum used her old home to let Prince stay in so he could recuperate comfortably, without having to be bullied by me 24/7. Sadly, Prince didn't make it in the end... But that will be another story, for another time to tell.

& ever since then, I stayed with Mum, and it's just a few days to a whole year of being with Mum! (My Gotcha date is 2nd Dec! & Mum is elated that although I'm a very old senior citizen, I'm still in good health!)

I've grown from this... A scared little boy, who bites every time someone tries to pet me
Mum always had to handle me with gloves in the beginning because...
I would sink my tiny teeth something like this!.. into her flesh, and draw blood!

... to this. A vain boy, who doesn't have to worry about not having food, or a clean nice house to reside in.
Wait, why is there no more food?

Hello Mummy.

Okay, so that's the story for me! Now moving on to Cocooo the stuck up, spoilt, bratty princess.


Bug off, Chubbs, you balding old man!
Hello, guys! It's me AGAIN! Hehe, I thought I'd just write about my life with Mum.

I was adopted along with my sissy, Bobo by Mum. We were her first hamsters, and she didn't want to buy from pet stores, so she searched around for hamsters up for adoption. & she saw a post from a girl on the forum saying that her hammie had given birth to 8 hammie pups, and she had to give them away because she couldn't afford to look after them.

So Mum jumped up, and said she'll adopt 2 of us! So she came down along to my former hooman's house, and took us home! We didn't have a bad history because the former hooman was a very nice girl who took real good care of us, and found us ALL homes before we started fighting amongst ourselves. & Mum who is ever so paranoid about us, would bring us to the vet for the slightest things, or just for check ups if she felt that we were getting unhealthy (Phfft. As if. I do pull ups to stay fit, mind you!).

I stayed in a big house with Bobo, until we got separated because we, okay I, started bullying Bobo. We were let out to play, and we had lots of yumyums. But I was more aggressive and had to be handled with care, because I would sink my teeth into someone's flesh if they weren't careful, or if I just felt like it (ha!).

Demand food when I felt like it.

But as I aged, and after Bobo's death, I became more demure and gentle. I really became Mum's princess.


Hi Mum, you called??

Told you I did pull-ups!!!

So yes, here I am, with Mum, 1 yr 5 months later, still being very well taken of, living a luxurious life of a princess hammie.


OKAY, I AM BACK! To tell you that today is a full month since our new sister Fluffy has joined us! Okay, I know I was late in telling you, but our sister is REALLY shy, and Mum didn't want to scare her with the big camera until she was more familiar with everypup. & I'll be the one telling the story, because honestly, I'm so much better at telling stories than Coco, and Fluffy is too shy to do it on her own!

She likes to hide behind dark corners to see if there are any unknown strangers.

Fluffy, like the rest of the critters here, was adopted by Mum as well. Mum had been thinking of getting a new hammie, a different kind, the bigger kind (A: Syrian hamsters). So she looked around, asked around the Internet to see if there were anything extraordinary that she had to know. She finally saw a post online from a lady saying her hammie had just given birth to 6 hammie pups (isn't it weird how it's so similar to Coco and Bobo?!) and they were up for adoption because she didn't have enough space and time to look after everyone of them.

Mum immediately contacted the lady, and was all set to go visit the hooman lady and Fluffy. But, the lady kept dragging the day and time, and Mum was close to giving up because she thought the lady wanted to change her mind. She gave it one last shot, and lo and behold, they finally met up, and so Fluffy came!

When Fluffy first came, she was overweight, very very timid and scared, and really just unhealthy. She was afraid of hooman touch (like when I first came to Mum as well), but she doesn't bite. She was so fat that her movement was like A SLOTH!!! & Mum was all set on letting Fluffy lose weight! Fluffy would shrink in fear whenever someone tries to pet her, she would hide in some corner and just peep out.

Mum finally managed to really hold Fluffy, and check on her size and her health. To her horror, she felt lumps. Negative thoughts sprang to mind, but luckily it were scabs, like when hoomans get cuts and start bleeding, when they heal, they have the blood clots. Mum figures it's because before Fluffy came to us, she was residing with her sissy, who always bullied her and fought her, and she never retaliates. (A: Fluffy is very very similar to Bobo in terms of character, 90% of the way she acts, reminds me of Bobo. I would like to think that Bobo decided to come to me again as a different hammie.)

So Mum spends everyday talking to Fluffy (& us too. Mum said I had to write this down because if I didn't, it would seem like she was biased.), letting her run around the balcony after Princess Coco and myself are back home resting and eating our yumyums, and basically just making it clear to Fluffy that noone would be hurting her, not in this family, not in this lifetime.

Just this week, Fluffy has made Mum squeal in delight when she decided to get onto Mum's legs, climbing up and down. The last 2 weeks, the most she would do, was run around Mum and then scamper away. Mum has also managed to snap some peektures of Fluffy for you guys to enjoy!

Is that you, Mum?

Mum and Grandmomma had to make Fluffy a new home, because well, the first week she was here, she had 3 escape episodes! She destroyed my old HDB as well!

Fluffy's new home.

Fluffy sleeping in her own made nest.

Mum also wants to say this is a whole month since Fluffy has joined our furmaily, and is doing very very well!

Thanks Minna, for organizing this Post Stories Pawty! It has been such fun!

If you have missed Pepsi's story, please click here!


26 November 2010

The Story of Pepsi

Wowza, everyone's posting such wonderful stories of themselves, I thought I'd join in the fun!

My story isn't too insane like. A has been wanting a dog, ever since she was born. Well, they used to have a big fluffy black dog when A was about 2yrs old, when the family was doing relatively well. But the big fluffy black dog ran away and was never to be found again. Mom didn't know too much about Microchips and all those stuff back then, so they didn't really have much details on the big fluffy black dog.

Anyways, from the moment A could read by herself, she would go to libraries to read books on dogs, dogs, dogs, animals, cats, dogs, fishes, birds, oh did I mention she read books on dogs? From the moment she started using the computer, she would go to the big Internet to surf and find information on dogs, dogs, animals, cats, dogs, and dogs.

Now, my hoomans haven't had a dog ever since the big fluffy dog ran away and got lost, and the company my Monster Pops started failed, and they had lots of financial problems. So all A could do was pray and wish for the chance to have a dog, and provide it with the best possible life ever. You know when hoomans have birthdays, they always make a wish before they blow out the candles? Well, A said that every year, her birthday wish would always be "I want to have a dog, and have sufficient income for him to live comfortably with us."

Her wish came true one day when Monster Pops decided to bring the family to a dog farm to "look" at dogs. The hoomans were squealing in delight at all the cute little pups, going from one farm to another. Until they saw ME. (A: and another long haired JRT pup). Okay, yes, with another pup. The hooman person in charge of me and the JRT let us out for the hoomans to look at our states. A was fixed on me. She said I was the cutest bundle of fur she's ever laid eyes on.

Like I said before, A has been reading up on dogs ever since she could, and she knew a JRT wouldn't do well in their family. So she told that to Mom and Monster Pops. I was jumping and running in wild circles. Then I decided to take a poop right in front of them. BOL. You should have seen the comical look on the hoomans' face. They were HOOKED! They signed the papers for me, and gave the hooman the green papers.

The first week when I got home.

The first month was pretty tough. The hoomans trusted the "breeder/groomer" person, and let her do my first grooming. I came back with cuts. A was pi$$ed off. She said never to go to the person for grooming ever again. But suddenly, the hoomans had to go to Malaysia for some reason, and I couldn't go (up till now, I still don't understand why!). So the Mom and Monster Pops said to put me with the "breeder/groomer" person.

When they came back, I was covered in ticks, dehydrated, and I lost weight just from staying there for 2 days. A found reviews that the person doesn't put foods in our cages, and the water was dirty water, and we were just dumped in the cages all the way! I actually thought my hoomans didn't want me anymore. Boy, was I glad to see them when they were back.

After that incident, A was really mad, and went digging for more information. She found out that this "breeder" person was actually a THIEF!! She steals doggie pups and makes up fake information and papers, and SELLS them to hoomans! The audacity!

The "breeder" person was eventually put in court and punished (nyehaha! serves you right, stoopid person) because many other hoomans found out about her evil deeds.

Nothing too exciting, but I am ever so thankful that I came into this family where I get lots of yummy treats. I can't imagine how I would be treated if the hoomans didn't pick me to join their family. The hoomans said I'm a very lucky pup because I'm spoilt by them. I think not, I think I'm just very well loved, and they are very well-trained by ME. Teehee.

PeeS: I only have 1 peekture of when I was a pup because A's computer crashed and lost all the peektures she had of me (#$%@#$^)! To make up for it however, is a peekture of me currently!


24 November 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Just look at that jump!

22 November 2010

Monday Blues~

I thought I got away with it for this week. I really thought that the hoomans would feel guilty for leaving me at home while they went to Malaysia over the weekends, they would try to make it up to me by not giving me a shower... But guess what? I had a shower anyways, on a MONDAY NIGHT!

I had to show my displeasure after the torture.

Still looking very wet and disgruntled.

But it's okay, because I've my ways of feeling better after a bad night like this.

A good round of loving~

I'm telling you, nothing beats the horrors of showers than a good round of loving!
(A: This boy jumped onto my bed, and stole this doll and claimed it as his lover!)

Oh well, at least I get to rub myself down on Mom's bed!

20 November 2010

Bobo's Death Anniversary

Hey there dawgies and kitties! It's Coco updating this thing today. I don't usually like to be in the limelight and all, but today's different.. Today marks the 1st year of dearest Bobo's passing away.

This is Bobo, my sister.

Bobo is my sweet sister, whom Mum (in case you don't know, our Mum is A) loves alot. She was timid, quiet, sweet, and had quite a special bond with Mum. When we first came to Mum, we lived together.

The house Mum and Grandmomma made for us sisters.

We did a lot of things together...

We ate together, like this...

We slept in the house together.

Cuddled on the wheel together..

& tried to run on the wheel together at the same time!
(which always results in one of us falling out, teehee)

But after we turned about 3 months old, I decided to not share MY house, MY food, MY water with Bobo. (You can't blame me! It's just what Winter White Russian Dwarf Hamsters do! They prefer to live in solitary once they reach a certain age!)

I started chasing her whenever I see her eating. I started starting fights with her for no reason. I started chasing her out of the house when I wanted to sleep.
[A: Bobo would always squeak in fear when Coco chased her for the foods, or for no reason whatsoever. With the foods, Coco would grab the food from Bobo, run off, keep the food, and head back to punish Bobo. Very naughty girl! Bobo has never retaliated once.]

Mum separated us when this started. We each had our own big homes (no peeks because Mum didn't have a camera then. She could only use her sister's camera, which wasn't always available).

Still, Mum tried to let us see each other once in a while when we are let out to play and eat. But still, I refused to be nice.

On 20th Nov 2009, without warning, Bobo was gone. She was only 7 months old. If she was still around, she'd be the same age as me right now (which would be 1yr & 7 months old!). Mum was devastated. Bobo was buried, and I continued to be a princess.

I took into my paws to grow up and be nice to Mum. I stopped biting her whenever she tried to bring me out to play and eat. I came out to greet Mum whenever she called my name. I learnt to run up Mum's arms to her shoulder and made her laugh.

How unglamorous for a girl to sleep this way! Tsk. I disapprove.

R.i.P Bobo~
I hope that you have found out where all the yummy seeds and fruits are over at the Rainbow Bridge. I promise I won't bully you no more when we meet again, dearest Sister. <3


18 November 2010

Looong Day Out

I am back~
A has been super busy, and so she didn't turn on the laptop for me, & I didn't have the chance to update and go about the bloggiesphere.

There was a Pets Responsibility Show at the Expos over the weekends, and because A was going to be volunteering her services for an organization there on Sunday, we went to have a look on Saturday!

Before heading off, A brought me down for a walk first, & we saw a hamster cage that was thrown away. It was filled with food and the water bottle was full as well. But there wasn't any hamster inside. Hopefully someone saw it and brought it to safety. As much as I dislike the critters at home because they are so irritating, I wouldn't want them to be away from home unsafe. With all the evil stray cats lurking around, no critter would be safe!

The Pet Responsibility Show was packed with animals! It was so crowded, I was afraid of getting stepped on! The hoomans were so captivated with a furry creature that could jump and run around, and stand on your shoulder!


Chinchilla holding a name card to impress all the silly hoomans.

The black chinchilla on Big A's shoulder.

They were pretty harmless though!
& there were these weird critters too!

Very furry guinea pigs! Them be lazier critters than the ones at home! They were sleeping even though it was crazy noisy there!

Made lots of friends with other dogs!

A fellow maltese who happened to be 7 years my senior!

"Don't you dare drink from my water bottle!"

There was a huge bunny that was chilling in a corner. Lots of dogs tried to go near him, but I wasn't interested, because I already have 3 critters at home.

"Come get me if you can!"
The sneaky bunny.. Tsk.

I don't want to bore with all the other peeks that A has in her camera because well.. the pics aren't ALL ME! Grr. Stoopid hooman doesn't know her priorities.

Later on at night, I went for a night drive with the hoomans.

I'm realllly tired. 5 hours of being out is really exhausting...

I KO-ed the moment I reached home!