26 March 2011

Happy Barkday Shiloh!!!

Happy Barkday Shiloh!! PawsBang is heading to your place for the pawty in our Bus!

See everyone at the pawty!

24 March 2011

Baby hamsters!

Okay, I finally got some pictures of the new hammies. You've met Dong Dong, Mom's new furkid...

I've managed to make furiends with him, but he's still a bit skitter-ish. He's apparently very sweet (phfft).

This is the girl that A adopted from SPCA - Skittles. She's gotten very fat since she got here, bahaha.

& these are the 2 baby girls that the hoomans brought back from the store (!!!). They are still very small, approximately about 1 month +. They came together, and are both girls, so they can still be housed together. For now. They are starting to show some signs of territory dominance each, so we are guessing that very soon they'll have to be housed separately.

Pixie and Pepper

& lastly, this is the last baby hammie that were dropped at the shop, and eventually ended at our home. Also the one whose balls decided to pop out, BOL. He's very naughty, very skirmish, very timid too.

Most of you have suggested to change his name to Bobo, but unfortunately, we can't name him that because... Coco's sister's name is Bobo! Hehe. She was the first hamster in the house to cross over to the Rainbow Bridge, and also A's sweetheart hammie.

So, here are some names that A are considering. She's a bit lousy and weird with names. & because Mom is not very good in English (which explains the Chinese name for her new hammie furkid), A can't name the boy something to hard to pronounce. Sheesh.

Billy Bob

A would like your opinion on which sounds better, or if you have a better name, just put it down! Hehehe.

In other news... 
It's RA's Gotcha Day today!! And he's hosting a Comment-a-thon in honor of it. So please go over and find out more about the details, drop him a comment, and empty his hooman's wallet!


23 March 2011

Prizes from Tucker!

Check it out! I got my first package, addressed to ME, from Tucker!

Huh? Did you say there's a package for me?!

Okays, enough with the flashy beast, can I tear it open already?

Gotta get it away from the hoomans before they snatch it from me...

OOoo, it's out!

My prizes for placing 3rd in Bad Sports in MM 2011 - a toy bone plus a handmade snowflake collar!

Oh yeah, I think it looks darn good on me.

Gotta keep it safe, under my nose...

Hehehe, thanks Tucker! I love the prizes!

Oh a side note... The last baby hammie that A brought back is apparently a BOY! His little balls just came out, hehehe. A is thinking of a new name for him because she has been calling him Bebe, BOL. Peektures of them up tomorrow! 

(It's hard to determine the gender of hamsters when they are less than a month old, because the balls of the boys usually descend only when they hit about 1 month to 2 months old. But no worries about surprise babies coming along, all the hamsters are housed seperately.)

Happy Wednesday!!

21 March 2011

It's Monday, efurryone!

It sure was fun playing at the closing of the kissing booths! If you missed out the fun, you can have a look at our site!

I have received the certificate for placing 3rd as Bad Sport in the MM 2011!

Mom loves the expression I got - the little look of mischief when I'm irritating the hoomans. Phfft, told you she was proud of me winning. It is on my Awardifications Page, if you don't know. I am going to make the hoomans print it out and laminate it. Whoop!

The video isn't working, no idea why. When the hoomans get home from work, I'll get them to correct it. If not, rest assure, I'll give them a couple more puddles of my liquids just to set them straight. ;)

Yay, A fixed it fur me. Have a great Monday!


20 March 2011

PawsBang, LIVE!

Hey guys! Did you hear? PawsBang will be playing LIVE! at the kissing booths when they close tomorrow at midday GMT!

So drop on by tomorrow fur the pawty, and remember to grab the badge if you joined the kissing booths!

Also, PawsBang has an official site where you can find the latest updates of upcoming shows, or past events, members updates and such. We're working on the look of it currently. But you can pop on by to have a look and join us on some musical events! & do follow us to be updated on the latest news!

See you there at the pawty!


19 March 2011

PawsBang says Thank You!

As the lead guitarist of PawsBang, I just want to say to efurryone who pawticipated in the auction fur Mama Tea, Richie, and Ronnii. Special thanks to those who gave ME, Chubbs, and Fluffy a kiss. 

You're the bestest furiends one can ever have.


From PawsBang to all the pawticipants of the Kissing Booth...
A little token of appreciation to all the pawticipants of the kissing booth. Without you, there'll be no kissing booth, or no one to kiss. :) & I'm sure efurryone of you are tired, and your lips are sore from all the smoochies!

Of course, this is just a small "surprise" fur you guys. We have more coming up! Hehehe.
Psst, if any one is planning a pawty and needs a live band, drop me a peemail at pepsithelazybum(at)gmail(dot)com and we can work things out ;)


18 March 2011

Paws of Peace

Most of my blogger furiends are wearing green, drinking Irish beers (or Bailey's), or looking fur 4 leave clovers in celebration of St. Patrick's Day. But here in Singapore, there's not a single celebration fur St. Patrick's Day.We do have Guinness at the coffeeshops though. Bahaha.

& it's our good friend Rudy's 1st Barkday too! Please drop by his blog to join the pawty! ;) (he has an amazing cake to share. No really, he wants to share. Right Rudy?)

Okays, I just wanted to remind efurryone that the auction ends in uhm.. Crap, the auction clock isn't loading fur me. Please go look at it yourself, bahhaha. & remember to drop by the kissing booths to give us a kiss! Roo has a special St. Patrick's Day kiss from Miss. Fluffy! ;) Be careful, buddy, those hamster teeth are sharp! Not that she has bitten anyone before. Just sayin', in case she gets all excited and give you little nibble on top of the kiss, hehe.

Oh, and PawsBang has been SOOO busy recently. We are working on so many things. You won't want to miss the upcoming surprises we have fur you, so stay tuned...

Signing off...
Lead guitarist of PawsBang,
Pepsi \m/

14 March 2011

Hammies Story.

Hey efurryone, I'm back to making rounds to your blogs. I might have missed out on some of you, but please know that I haven't furgotten any of you!

Okays, I'm sure most of you know by now, we've got 5 new hammies in the house. Just thought I'd let you know how we got them... 2 of them are from SPCA, and 3 of them were left at the pet store that the hoomans frequent by their owner.

A chose a pretty girl who reminded her of Coco and Bobo in terms of temperaments, and Mom said to bring home one of the critters that she fell in love with (phfft). So A signed the papers, gave the adoption fees, and brought the 2 critters back.

This is DongDong, Mom's new furbaby.

Based on the information that SPCA was provided, DongDong is just about 2 months old now, meaning he's still a baby. He was tiny when he first came in, and now he has grown. A lot. He is rather nice, but runs super fast when I'm around, so I haven't gotten the chance to make furiends with him yet, because the hoomans placed his home up high to prevent me from peeing at it. Hehehhe.

A named her baby Skittles, because she is fast, and hides from the hoomans darn well. The first night she got home, she climbed up a hole of a container and hid there and made the hoomans panicked. Bahahhaa. Quite a schemer, I must say. I think I'll like her. BOL. I don't have a peekture of her yet, because she doesn't like to be held. She's about 8 to 9 months old, making her a young adult.

On Monday, the hoomans received a call from Lola (Chinchilla)'s hoomans, saying she was sick. They rushed to the hoomans' home to get Lola and rushed her to the vet. By night time, Lola was gone... A's guess is that she passed away in her sleep, while she was at the pet store buying her the necessary grass and water bottle, and toys.

(The chinchilla had a tummy upset because my aunt who's really old, didn't know anything about the diet of chinchillas. My cousin was the one who purchased Lola as a gift fur his gf, who left fur her hometown in China, and left Lola in my aunt's care, without telling her anything about Chinchilla care. & the worst thing is that, she didn't know about the diets of chinchillas as well, meaning she didn't do any research before & after getting Lola. It angers me greatly to see how people can get living breathing small animals as gifts without thinking about the consequences, responsibilities, and commitment of getting a pet. I am also very disappointed that Lola didn't survive. I do know that as a herbivore, chinchillas' stomachs are easily upset with the wrong diet, and can pass on easily when the bacteria build up is too much. Furthermore, Lola was a very young girl. I am making sure the cousin doesn't spend his money on an animal as a gift.)

Okay, that was a long rant by A. Anywayyyy, after Lola passed on, A called the cremating services and arranged fur the people to come get Lola. She and Mom went down to the pet store to get some stuff fur the new hammies. A saw this guy come in with a small cage when she was looking at the little hammies in the viewing area, and when he left, she went inside, and saw 2 tiny little hammies in a basket. He didn't leave any water bottle, food, cage, bedding, or anything to make them comfy. He said to the lady working there, to find them a home on his behalf because his hamsters gave birth to the babies, and he couldn't afford to look after them.

The lady, knowing A, asked her if she wanted to bring them home. Being the sucker that she is, A called Mom and insisted and persuaded her to allow her to bring the critters home. So there, we got 2 more hammies. Phfft.

2 or 3 days later, the hoomans went down to the mall to get some groceries and dinner, and A went to the pet store again, and this time, the lady told her the person came down with 1 more hammie (who was missing when he brought the other 2 down), and asked if she could bring the little wee one back too. BOL, and of course, A wanted to. Mom was hesitant about it, because that meant, we would have 7 (7!?!?) hammies at home. But A managed to persuade Mom to say yes, again. So here she is.

Luckily, they are all girls, so there'll be no extra hammies in the making, BOL. & they are all about 3 weeks old, really tiny now, so we won't be taking peektures yet. We don't wanna scare them.

Okay end of story of the hammies.

Anyway, the world is in a lot of turmoil right now, and I know efurryone is keeping their paws crossed fur the victims of Japan. But Chubbs isn't looking very good right now, and it'll mean a lot if you keep him in your thoughts and have your paws crossed fur him too.

(Chubbs has been scratching a lot, and had a little scab on his skin, so I brought him down to the vet to check if there were mites on him, and also to check on his eye - he's been tearing a lot on one eye, and the area around that eye is balding. Dr. Tan couldn't find any mites, but gave him the medication for mites, just in case, and prescribed a tear drop for his eye. He doesn't scratch as much now, but the scab is still there. And Chubbs is not reacting well to the tear drop, so I stopped. He's got a little scab at his eye area too, and he just looks so weak, and has been sleeping so much. Sometimes, when he sleeps and when I call him, and he doesn't respond, my heart skips a million beats, because he is SO old for a little hamster... It'll mean so much to me if you could keep him in your thoughts. Thanks.)

Okay, another long rant by A... Um, anyway, since Chubbs isn't feeling that well, maybe you should give him some kissies by the kissing booth! Hehe. & get in line fur Fluffy, you don't get to kiss a Golden Syrian Hamster efurryday.
Of course, you get to kiss the guitarist of PawsBang, only at the kissing booth. Don't miss your chance now!

Get in line, ladies~


12 March 2011

Some updates

Hi efurryone, it's been a crazy week. I'm gonna keep it short. But I'll be back soons.

First of all, I've got 5 new hammies in the house. WTF, right? Phfft.
Secondly, the chinchilla that I visited last time, has unfortunately passed away... We rushed it to the vet upon hearing from the old auntie that she was sick, but unfortunately, she didn't make it...

On a side note, it's been crazy fur the 2 leggeds and the 4 leggeds in Japan. Fortunately, Singapore is not affected, so efurryone here is safe. But one of the hooman cousin is in Japan fur a work trip. Luckily he's far far away from the disaster area, so that's the good news. We're keeping all our paws crossed fur the people and the animals there.

Also, if you notice, my side bar has a link to my furry own youtube channel! My hooman brudder E has created an account featuring me. Hehehehhee. So if you miss me, you can just pop over there and have a look at what I've been up to. It's under "My Youtube Channel" right below my peektures, above the guest bloggers. 

Okays, I gotta go. I'll be back soon! Oh, and remember to join the queue fur the kissing booth, hehehehhehehe. *kissssiees*


03 March 2011

A kitteh and the Potty

Hi efurryone! Just thought I'd let you know that after a hearty discussion with my hooman, I've decided to enter Chubbs, Fluffy, AND MYSELF, in the kissing booth, hehehe. So pucker up your lips and get ready to smoochie moochie!

Here's a video for you all to enjoy.. A kitty... Pee-ing! Hheehhe

If you can't see the video, please click here.
Okay I gotta go potty too!

PeeS: A has been held up at work the whole of the week, so I don't really have the chance to get on to the yaptop and make it to your blogs. Don't furget me, now!