31 December 2010


I went to the evil Vet again, to check on the little lump in between my pads.

Good news: It's nothing to worry about. A little wart, lump of dead skin, nothing major. The cuts around my eye and paw have healed too.
Bad news: If it grows a little bigger, we'll have to remove it through surgery.

A has been sick, so I don't really have the time to do updates or read any of your blogs. Will be back soonies!


23 December 2010

Mr. Roo

Hey guys, I need help! I'm afraid Santa Paws is gonna take me off his good boys list!

Something happened to A's kangaroo yesterday...

The nose was falling off...

One side of the eye was bulging out (no idea why...)

So A said she'll put Mr. Kangaroo into a cage so he can recuperate...

Hey there, Mr. Roo, you wanna come out and play??

I swear, I was just giving Mr. Roo some healing kissies.

Hey A... I think Mr. Roo's nose came off on its own...

So did the eye...

I swear it had nothing to do with me!!

I sure hope this does not make me on the bad boys list of Santa Paws! Gyak!


22 December 2010

Prince - My brother

Hey guys, Chubbs here today.

The silly dog has been a bit down recently, a bit of small cuts here and there. With a pus in between the pads of his left hind leg, a little cut over the eyelid (healing), a little wound at the pad of his right hind leg. Mum will be keeping her eyes on him, and if he doesn't get better over the next 2 days, off to the vet he'll go!

So, why am I here? Well, today marks a whole year of my brother, Prince's passing. As you guys know, my brother and I were adopted by Mum from her friend's family. Our former family didn't look after our welfare, did not interact with us, or play with us or anything of that sort. When she first saw the condition Prince was in, she was shocked.

You see, Prince had this lump over his tummy. A huge lump, in relation to his tiny body. He was too skinny as well, but a very sweet boy according to Mum. His lump was infected, there was dried blood on it, there was pus, it was very very bad. So that night, Mum told the other hoomans that she will bring us to the vet, and when we get better, the hoomans can bring us back.

Mum had to keep us in seperated houses because well, his lump seemed really bad, and I had a tiny lump on my tummy as well; she was worried that the lump might pass on to me. & also because, I always squabble with him. (Well, he gave me a ear piercing in one of my ear! Does that make me a better boy?)

Prince had to go through a lot of pain because of the negligence of our former hoomans. The vet taught Mum to clean the wound, disinfect the wound, and apply medication on the wound. & Mum did it every single night without fail and complaint. But the one thing that was bothering her was, why haven't the former hoomans called her for an update? Weren't they concerned about our welfare? She didn't mention about us to the hoomans, thinking that they must be busy, or something.

With each passing day, Prince grew weaker and weaker. He couldn't deal with the treatment he had to go through. It was too painful. He lost weight, and became alarmingly skinny. The lump was too big, and was still growing despite the treatment, and eventually spreaded to his front legs. Eventually, his movements were restricted, he couldn't run or walk normally, he couldn't even eat properly. He had no strength to crack sunflower seeds by himself, Mum had to do it for him. Everyday, Mum watched him deteriorate, and blamed herself for his failing body.

Came the day when my dearest brother could not move, not a limp, but was just dragging his body around. & Mum's decision to let my brother rest in peace, without the pain and suffering he got to endure because of negligent hoomans.

Now I know my brother is over at the Rainbow Bridge, with precious Bobo, running free and climbing up and down, waiting for us all.

R.i.P, dearest brother.

PeeS: The WDA (White Dog Army) are having a Comment-A-Thon! Do drop by their lovely blog to leave a comment to help raise some green papers for the doggies out there!

20 December 2010


Oh my gosh, I can't believe it. The hoomans brought back a Christmas tree!

Did you really bring back a Christmas tree?? Where, where is it?!?

This, is your Christmas tree? I'm ashamed... I'm not gonna look at the flashy beast, no.What do you mean this is my Christmas Present?! That's it?! Really?!?
A was just wondering if she comes across as a crazy dog lover. Most of the gifts from her colleagues are doggy related. Bahaha.

A highly recommends everyone to get a copy of this book she received from one of her colleagues. A great book with wonderful stories of how fellow dogs have made so many different hoomans happy.

5 more days to Christmas! Wooofz!!

14 December 2010

Tug of War

Have you guys ever played Tug of War with your hoomans? If you're a small dog, don't you find it unfair for them to always just use their hooman strength, or just carry you off to win? Don't worry, I have just the solution for you!

The silly hooman, E challenged me to a round of tug of war. Of course I took up the challenge! (It's kinda blurry because I was too quick for the flashy beast!)

First of all, you gotta make sure your eyes face the hoomans' hand. Why? Because you gotta use...


That's right fellow furiends, I emerged the winner because the hooman was shocked by the power of my LASER BEAM EYE POWER!

That's right, you better hide your face, stoopid hooman!

PeeS: It's not easy to obtain the LASER BEAM EYE POWER. You gotta ask Madi, I learnt it from her. Hehe.

07 December 2010

Vet Visit

Hey guys, I haven't been using the laptop because I went to the vet on Saturday for my annual vaccination and heartworm prevention. It was my first time getting my heartworm prevention jab, and I reacted quite badly to it and have been sleeping my days away till today. Thankfully, I'm feeling better now.

On the way to the vet.

A 10yo Shih Tzu that I saw at the vet. Notice the eye? He got into a fight with a GR when his owner was on holiday and put him in a pet hotel which encouraged dogs to mingle when there are people supervising. The hooman stepped out to prepare food, then the fight began, and the eye got injured during the fight.

In the scawry Vet's room, with Big A holding me.Vet checking on me.

Getting my jab. Gyak.

Now that I'm feeling much better, will visit everypup's blog!


02 December 2010

Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD) Run 2010 & . . .

It's Thursday, and I haven't even told you guys about my wonderful Sunday! Stoopid hooman didn't upload the peektures into the laptop for me to update. Sigh, hoomans.

So anyway, A signed Mom and herself up for a run organized by Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD). ASD is the shelter that A volunteers at, where they rescue stray dawgs and abandoned dawgs.

So off we went to East Coast Park, early in the morning on Sunday.

Warming up for the run.

A's colleague's dawg, Cotton.

Is this a pony?? The hooman could SIT on him!

Can you spot me??

All the hoomans and pups lining up, ready to go.

Let's GO!

Mom and I walking for a good cause.

This pup's owner didn't bring water for him, so I very kindly offered him some water from my water bottle.

At the finished line resting with some cute pups.

At the booth after the run, all happy!

A made me pose here before we headed home.

The whole event was so very successful, and all the proceeds would go into the rescue and re-homing activities of the shelter for dawgies around Singapore. I was so happy to be able to take part and help the poor dawggies around Singapore. Boy, was I pooped after the fun morning.. Mom and I knocked out once we reached home. The only bad thing that happened after that was.. I had to have a bath because I was covered in mud. Hiak!

Oh, and today is Chubbs' Gotcha Day! It's been a whole year since A brought Chubbs and his brother from their former hoomans' place to our home sweet home.

HAPPY GOTCHA DAY, CHUBBS!I'll give you kisses even though we always squabble.

01 December 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Ready whenever you are!