12 November 2011

Saturday with videos

Do you think Jett would give me a massage like this? I've been so tired from her making me eat all her poop droppings... I'd say I deserve a massage, right guys?

11 November 2011

Mayzie's Rescue Me Week, Day 5: Featuring Jake

I haven't been able to come online much, due to A's work schedule, but I definitely am not going to miss the last day of Mayzie's pawsome Rescue Me Week!

Today, I'm featuring the latest case of a hit-and-run incident that just happened here in Singapore. I present to you: Jake

This poor boy was run over by a vehicle, and left to die on the busy roads of Singapore when a good guy stopped his vehicle and prevented a grisly death that would have bound to happen with all the heavy vehicles around. Born a stray, he wasn't big and strong enough to win fights against the other strays, and was forced to feed on scraps.

He's now currently under the care of the ASD (Action for Singapore Dogs) that primarily care for our local strays and abandoned/injured dogs. They are taking care of him while he recovers from his horrific injuries, and gaining weight and getting his health to a high.

Although he isn't up for adoption, yet. I thought I'd feature him, so that someone in Singapore would know of his case, open their heart and door and save a spot in their family so that he has a good home to go to after he recovers.

You can read more of his story over here. (Be warned that some of the images may be too gruesome for some people to handle.)

Let's keep our paws crossed that this sweet, gentle boy here suffer no more, recovers quickly, and finds a good furever home to call his own soon!


09 November 2011

Mayzie's Rescue Me Week: Featuring Leona

I'm taking part in Mayzie's pawsome Rescue Me week event, which Mayzie and her furmaily are holding in honor of Grampa J! Isn't that nice?!

So since we adopted Jett, I thought it'd be cool fur me to feature a bunny for this event. I present to you:


Leona was cruelly abandoned by her previous owner, just like our precious Jett. She's a local bunny, so she's pretty big in size. She's not only docile and sweet, she's also toilet trained (!!!!), and enjoys head rubs and pats. She's not picky about her food, and eats all her greens. Doesn't she look precious?

She's under the care of HRSS (House Rabbit Society Singapore), an organization in Singapore that helps ALL bunnies. A has gotten a lot of useful information on the welfare of Jett from the helpful people in HRSS as well.

If anyone is looking for a sweet bunny, long eared companion of 10 years, Leona will be a pawfect furiend to you! Give her a chance, she deserves some nice head rubs. 

You can find Leona here

PS: the comment-a-thon raised about $20, but A has decided to donate $100 to the Soi Dog Foundation, to make up fur my present. Hooray!!!


06 November 2011

Fluffy's Gotcha Day and our Comment-a-thon!

Hello everyone!! It's the big day today! It's Fluffy's 1st Gotcha Day!! For this big day, and for my belated birthday (present), my hoomans have very kindly offered been forced by me and Fluffy to give up $0.50 for each comment left to the Soi Dog Foundation for the animals that are affected by the floods in Bangkok. Each furry member from a furmaily's comment will be counted.

Happy Gotcha Day!!
Psst Roo, I posted this peekure JUST FOR YOU! Hehehe

And this, my friends....
... A and I lazing around on a Saturday afternoon.

Help me get revenge on A for not getting me a barkday present, and leave a comment! 

Also, because of the time zone difference, we'll be accepting comments up till 6:30pm on 7 Nov '11 ;)


05 November 2011

Saturday with Videos

Just for laughs!

Remember to drop by for our Comment-a-thon to celebrate my belated fifth birthday and Fluffy's first Gotcha Day tomorrow!! I can't wait to empty out A's wallet! Hehehe.

Okay, each furry member from the family can post once. So if you've 2 furries in the household, you get to leave 2 comments that count!

Please help to spread the word so we can empty A's wallet (because I didn't get any present), and so we can help all the animals at Bangkok.