31 January 2011

So very bee-zee

Oh gosh, I have been so very busy over the weekends, and didn't get the chance to go about to all your blogs, but keep in mind that I love all of you, and am thinking about you all the time! Even when I'm nom-ing, I promise.

This week is gonna be chaotic! With Chinese New Year in just 3 days' time, the hoomans are rushing about buying the noms and the slurps, and the decorative items, and tidying up the place - they call it spring cleaning. But it's so cold now, how is it spring? & most of you have snows where you leave, hmm.

So, I apologize if I haven't been around leaving comments on your lovely blogs, I'll try to catch up when I can have some time off my paws. I gotta laze around help the hoomans with all the tasks, and snoopervise in case any of them are lazing around.

 Snoopervising around the house.

Don't furget me now!
I'll be dreaming of all of youuuu.

Psst, A says I should put some peektures of the critters, but I figure you wouldn't bother about them. So I'll just upload MY peektures, since it's MY blog. Bahaha.

28 January 2011

Miss Gorgeous Superdale Sunshade

Hi Furiends, happy Friday!
I'm so happy the weekends are finally here!

If you know Miss Sunshade the Superdale, you'd know that she hasn't been updating her blog. I heard from her most lovely Mom, E recently and it wasn't very pleasant. If you don't know her, do drop by her pawsome blog and get to know this bootiful lady!

The most precious gorgeous pawsome Sunshade isn't doing very well right now. She's been peeing blood, and it seems she has a really bad case of UTI and has been on antibiotic. Whenever they stop, she starts peeing blood again. She also started having nose congestion, swollen lymph nodes, and nose bleeds. Her stumbling problem has also worsened. Sunshade also has Cushings since some time ago, and it isn't improving.

Sunshade is her Mom's most precious heartdog, and I love them both so much. It brings tears to us that Sunshade is so unwell.

It would be great if everyone keep Sunshade, Jaffa (her stinky brother, hehe), and her mom E, in their thoughts, and keep your paws crossed for them.

Isn't she most gorgeous and adorable?!

I'm sure it will mean a lot to her furmaily if you just drop by her blog and leave some comments too.

Much love to you Sunshade,
I love you, (& your muscle butt!)

Happy Weekends, everypup!

27 January 2011

Wrong Peekture...

There's something very wrong with this peekture... Do you see it?
*nom nom nom*


26 January 2011

(Not so) Wordless Wednesday

Mission Accomplished!

Before I head off to Bed, I would like to remind all my furiends to remember to drop by Mayzie's blog for her special comment-a-thon on Thursday! Please click on the peekture of bootiful Mayzie to get to her blog for more information. 
Together, we can all empty Mayzie's Mom's wallet!

Okay, goodnight everyone!

23 January 2011

Mango Minister 2011 - Bad Sport

Okay, luckily the Bad Sports Category for MM isn't filled and closed up yet. I've been busy driving my hoomans busy, hence the late entry. Hehe.

The judge for this category is non other than the gorgeous, smart, humorous, ethical, sexy Fiona. I'm definitely not sucking up, I'm just stating the truth just in case you're thinking otherwise.

I actually thought I belonged to the Cracker Dog category, until Ms. Fiona very nicely pointed out in her entry the different ways you can tell which category one rightly belongs. 

"If your name has been followed with the word ‘no’ so often that your name has permanently changed from (fr’instance) “Billy” to “Billy-no”, you’re a Bad Sport. If your name hasn’t actually changed, but is spoken with an exasperated sigh very frequently, you could very well be a Bad Sport, although that isn’t a guarantee."

This, I believe, is self explanatory. I might look like an innocent cute, goody-two-shoes dog, but beneath this puppy face, is a mean ol' machine. 

I don't spend my time sleeping away, I use my hours when the hoomans are out at work/school, to scheme the most devious plans to plot my revenge if I think I don't get enough attention or food from (which is always).

When I was about 2 years old, my Mom made the biggest mistake by putting a whole pot of yummy soy sauce chicken breast meat on the dining table. I distracted her over to the teevee set, and once I made sure everyone was comfortable in front of the teevee set, or doing whatever they were doing, paying no attention to me, I jumped onto the bench, and then leaped onto the table, and gobbled the whole pot of chicken.

This is one of my (failed) attempts to sneak onto the table for some good noms. The hoomans learn quick..

I also do not let the hoomans take my chew stick when they want it. It doesn't matter if I wasn't chewing on it at first. If I see that they take it, I want it. It's MINE.

I also do not care much about hygiene. I do know that wiping the water off of me is good for me, and that cleaning my ears is also supposedly good for me, and so is brushing my teeth. But being the bad dog that I am, I will not go without a fight.

I make it pin point clear to the small critters that the balcony is mine. I do this EVERYTIME without fail when A lets the hamsters out.

I do not come when being called. Nope. I make the hoomans come after me, and carry me (that is if they manage to catch me.) Unless, of course, they have noms.

I don't care that I'm home, if I hear other dogs being walked downstairs the house, I howl and I bark. Even if the hoomans scream for me, or ask me to stop, I refuse to. The other dogs in the neighborhood gotta know who's boss, and that is ME.
I also start singing if the hoomans leave me downstairs and go up to sleep. I don't stop until I'm on any of their beds.

I destroy stuffies that do not belong to me. I snatch the hoomans' stuffies to show them I'm the boss.

I make the hoomans HAND-feed me.

Once I make them know that I'm the boss, I stop eating no matter what they say.

& I go for something else.

When the hoomans take back the food they had for me initially, I will make them feed me again.

I sniff out the new foodables that they have bought for me, and take em' out of the bags so I can make them feed me. Even if I had a most filling dinner.

Also, if I feel that anyone in the family has no respect for me, or thinks that they own me, my bladder loses control. I have no peektures of this because the hoomans can't stand seeing my markings.

Also, if you realized, I'm actually wearing socks. Only 3 of them because I "dropped" one to nowhere. The hoomans still can't find it. 

So there. These are just some of the many things I've done.
I don't deny being a Bad Sport. I thrive on being one. Bahaha.

I'm not one to turn to bribery, but I'm more than willing to share some good noms around here. Just thought I'd let you know.

22 January 2011

Lazy Saturday

It's a lazy Saturday...

I settle down in my food dish...

Then I go to the wheel for a short exercise. (Gotta keep fit, y'know.)

I find something to gnaw at.

I move on to the chew sticks, and take a little nap at the same time...

& Miss Lazy Fluffy is well hidden in her sleeping quarters. Hehe.

Mum is gonna go to the SPCA to bring a hammie who needs a good home back once she can.
Till then, I'll be busy eating and sleeping.

Fluffy and I hope all of you have a good weekend ahead!


17 January 2011

Mommy's Birthday

Hi furiends! Today is my Momma's Barkday! She's turning .... Hey, what do you mean I can't reveal your age to my furiends? WHAT? No barkday food for me if I say it out? Are you threatening me, wooman? I don't appreciate that, you will regret this, I tell ya.

Phfft. Hoomans and their age secrecy. I don't get it...

Now furiends, I love my hoomans a lot. But it's not fun to be left at home alone to do this...

When they are outside having a good feast! WITHOUT ME?! Really?! OMD, the horror...

How can you not bring a pup with this face to go have a good feast?!

And they didn't even have the decency to bring back some yummy treats for me!

"I shall pray in my Pep-Zen mode, that today I get what I deserve - a good decent feast in honor of Mommy's Barkday."


Psst...! She's turning 7 dog years + 1 hooman year today. Go do your math. Hehehehe. That's for threatening me, bahahaha.

Big A, A, and E bought a cake to surprise Mom.

My Pep-Zen worked! I got some cakies! Yummmm.

12 January 2011

Cooling Wednesday

A belly rub will be very much appreciated on a cool Wednesday morning.

10 January 2011

Monday Sharing

In Loving memory of The Luke. Although I just joined this wonderful community of blogging, I've read your blog for quite some time. Run free now, Golden Boy. You will never be forgotten, and to the Mom and Bleu, you are in our thoughts. Our hearts ache for your heartwrenching loss.

A has donated some moolah in your name to the animal shelter that is currently taking care of the abused dog (named Wander), and pray that Wander has your strength and courage to pull through this critical period.

Mom and Monster Pops have also very generously bought lots of towels and brought lots of food down to the shelter for the doggies there.

An update on Wander:

The pup has gone through the necessary operation to clean the dead tissues off her injury. She is now residing in the animal shelter where she's hand fed her food, and glucose liquid. Despite the horrifying injury that the thing had inflicted on her, Wander is still a sweet loving girl who loves cuddle up to anyone sitting in the room. She is currently still considered to be in critical condition, and has to go for review every 3 days at the vet. Everyday, the volunteers inspect her wound to see if there are any infections or any negative changes.

Sadly, for now, the people at the animal shelter says it's hard for the thing to be caught because the witness doesn't want to be involved with the authorities in fear of losing his work permit, and also he didn't really see the thing clearly, as he was standing from quite a distance when he saw the terrible act going on.

Much love,
Pepsi, Chubbs, and Fluffy.

09 January 2011


A wants to thank everyone for leaving all the kind words about Princess Coco's passing. It's hard, but she's coming to terms with it. It's a good thing she has Chubbs and Fluffy to fuss over too.

So, my hoomans said they were gonna be heading out, and A said something about a Chinchilla being at the place. So I put on my bestest puppy eye look, and BINGOOO,

Off we went!
I love the night breeze!
Is this where the Chinchilla lives? Oh come on, do open the door already!
Oh, hello there, Ms. Chinchilla! How you doing?

A decided to let the chinchilla out because the owner wasn't around, and her aunt was too old to know what to do.

Run, little chinnie, run!
You look like you're enjoying your little sand bath, Ms Chinnie!

She is super adorable, super fast, super unsociable and shy. A wants very much to bring Ms Chinnie home because Ms Chinnie is cooped up in her small cage, with no proper toys 24/7, and is provided with lousy food, and bathing sand (which she doesn't even have access to at least 3 times a week!)

She's going to be bringing some toys over to Ms Chinnie though!
We had to say goodbye to Ms Chinnie too soon...

I'll be back to visit you soon, Ms Chinnie!!