28 February 2011

Pawty's over!

Boy, what a pawty! & I'm pooped! I'm still trying to keep my eyes open. I slept the whole Monday away while my hoomans went to work, bahaha

So, now that the Banquet is over, and efurryone is trying to recover from their hangovers and the ringing in their ears...I supposed you all have heard of the kissing booth happening in Blogville?

I really enjoy sniffing more than kissing, so I was thinking of letting Chubbs do it. But I'm not sure if any of you would want to kiss a hamster? Let me know! My critters would love to be kissed (I think, BOL.) If we do join, Fluffy will be the one manning the ladies booth, and Chubbs will be in the man booth. Let me know, if I should sign them up!

Also, don't furget about the auction! Go visit, NOW! HEHEHEHHEHE. I think my hearing hasn't quite recovered...

27 February 2011

After the very motivating speech by all the speech-givers, the band is ALL ready to provide ALL of you with moosic. Whoopee!

We want to dedicate some songs to Quinn, from the WDA. It's Quinn's first Gotcha Day with his great furmaily and they are holding a Comment-a-thon to celebrate the Big Day. So drop by their blog, and drop a comment so they can raise green papers to give to the shelters!

Chubbs and Fluffy take the spotlight!

A solo to dedicate to the racers, Pip, and Bunny!

There I am, playing along with Bono! This is fur you, Puddles!
 (Peekture by Puddles)

Rocking out to the dancing crowd! Hit the dance floors, efurryone!
(Peekture by Asta)

We also want to make a song dedication to our furiends, Richie and Ronni, and their Mom. (I just hope Bono doesn't mess up the song. We know he can't do covers of the Beatles, BOL.)

Song dedications:
To Pip, and Bunny... We Are The Champions by Queen
To Quinn... All You Need Is Love by The Beatles
To Richie and Ronni... It's Getting Better All The Time by The Beatles
To Puddles... You're Crazy by Guns N' Roses

Song Requests:
Requested by The Road Dogs... Free Bird by Lynard Skynard (Wise choice, fellas!)

We also take song requests, so feel free to drop us peemails by the stage!

The runway...
As the band plays the moosic fur the models on the runway, the runway is in total chaos!

(Peekture by Asta)

I'm not really sure why they let Puddles do the walk, I mean.. She's already dancing on the table, should she really be walking in those crazy high heels?!
& look at Mayzie, oh my~
Okay, ladies, try not to fall, you're scaring all of us. BOL.

26 February 2011

Banquet day~

The band is all ready to rock the house at the Banquet. We hired a bus to fetch all of our equipments and of course, ourselves to the Banquet.

All ready to head off!
Chubbs and Fluffy are already in the bus because it's their sleepytime, BOL.

See you at the Banquet, whoop!

25 February 2011

Live Band fur the Banquet!

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Kittehs, and Pups,
4 Leggeds, and 2 leggeds..
Get ready to see the greatest band live!
I present to you...
(Peekture by Miss Asta)
On the bass guitar, we have Miss ASTA!
On the rhythm guitar, we have Honeybuzzz!
On the drums, we have Sarge!!
On the lead guitar, will be yours truly, ME!
& of course.. doing the vocals will be Bono, Puddles' hostage!

We even have special performances by my critter furiends, Chubbs and Fluffy, on the keyboards (when the band rests, they take over the music!). Be ready to dance the night away, eat, drink and be merry, and make lots of furiends!

This is a show not to be missed... The only way you can see us is to go to the Big Banquet.. Remember to get the tickets before it's all sold out! Furthermore, the proceeds will all be going to our dear furiends, Richie and Ronni, and furmaily, to help them! Fur more information, you can go to Frankie's blog over here.

See you there, furpals! Be there... or be square!


24 February 2011

Let's Pawty!

Yooo hoooo~ are you ready to pawty!?
I am ready to rock the house fur the Banquet this Saturday and Sunday in honor of the Great Race, Pip, and Bunny!

I'm gonna be the guitarist fur the pawty~

All ready to rock 'n roll!

I am still looking fur a bassist, a rhythm guitarist, along with a drummer. If you think you are eligible, please drop me a pee-mail at pepsithelazybum at gmail dot com. I'll provide lessons if you don't know how to play any of the instruments, hehehehe. Psst Puddles, remember to bring Bono along, we will need a vocalist fur the band..

Let's pawty!

Edited on 24 Feb, 11:49am

The bassist and rhythm guitarist spots have been filled. Stay tuned to see who they are! We need one more drummer! Spread the word, guys!


20 February 2011



Tralalala, hehehe.

Hey hooman, give a pup his privacy will ya!?

I really should talk to the hoomans about manners and privacy...


18 February 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Whoopie, it's Friday! Okay, so Honeybuzz left me with this award on 25th Jan, and I still haven't posted about it yet. Oops! & on Wednesday, Benny and Lily awarded me with the same award, so I thought I would post it up at the same time. Hehe, they don't call me lazy for nothing.

The Stylish Blogger Award

So the rules for receiving this award are..
To link back to the blog that awarded me with the award. That'd be the Honeybuzz, and the funneh Benny and Lily! Thanks fur the award, guys!

& to share 7 things about myself.
No1: I'm a BAAAAD dog. I won 3rd place for Bad Sport in Mango Minister 2011!

No2: I am selective in making furiends. I can be mad friendly with some dogs, but mad angry at some fur no reason. BOL.

No3: I don't have pretty furs like those showdog Malteses, my furs just don't grow that way, it's all messy and curly; but I'm darn proud of how I look. I'm a dood, I don't need to look all clean and girly, phfft.

No4: I'm not going to continue because I'm a bad dog. See No1. BOL.

Honeybuzz said to pass this award down to 15 other bloggers, but Benny & Lily said to pass it down to 7. So, being the lazy bum that I am, I shall not choose anyone, because I think ALL of you are turrific, and I love reading ALL your blogs. Feel free to take the award if you want, but if not, it's okay, because I still love you!


16 February 2011

Talking Wednesday

Happy Wednesday efurryone! My arms are still kinda sore from the DJ-ing at Alien's pawty over the weekend, so I shall leave you with this super cute video of a dog "talking"!

If you can't see the video, please click here (read, Puddles, hehe)


13 February 2011

Jumping Sunday

Hey, let me outta here, hooman!

What do you mean you're not gonna carry me? Just do it already.
What? You think I can't clear this little thing? Phfft.

Check this out, and take back your words, hooman! 

& I still can jump back in, bahahaha.

Damn, I really should join agility courses!

12 February 2011

3rd place winner - & a story!

Thank you, Miss Fiona, for your wise choice of winners. I am most grateful that you know how to appreciate an Evil Genius in the making, bahaha. Mom tells me I'm a shame to her for winning such a category, but I know she's secretly very proud of me - she's been telling everyone she can that I won 3rd place, BOL.

I shall share a story that will tell you all how Miss Fiona didn't make a wrong mistake in her selection of the winners since my hoomans still haven't fixed the wires that the stinky Fluffy messed up and I won't have peektures for you.

I have made 2, or 3 of my hoomans step on my poopies, in the house. Yep, you got that right. BOL. So there were a couple of times that I just felt like pooping, on the toilet rag, planned when I know the hoomans are least aware of their surroundings (read, just when they wake).

Peekture this: 2 pieces of poopies on the rug, a very grumpy sleepy hooman who have just woken up, and lights off. Hooman heads to the toilet to wash up. Hooman steps on poopies * squelch* Hooman lifts foot up to be greeted by the sight and smell of dog poop. BAHAHAHAHAHA.

Don't try this at home, unless you are REALLY a bad dog and are prepared for some bad consequences. BOL. Don't say I didn't warn ya. ;)

09 February 2011

Still a Bad Dog

Just a reminder to all my furiends that I am a bad-a$$ dog! No peektures because of the stoopid critter who had to chew on the freaking wires. As if A doesn't spend enough money on her toys (the money can be spent on MY treats), phfft!

Okays, before you furget, I am in the Bad Sports Category for the pawsome MM.

During the hectic period of Chinese New Year, I've scared most of the hooman pups when they came over (that's for stealing the limelight from ME!). I stole some chicken wings from the bin without my hoomans finding out (at first). When they did, I refused to give up my rightful wings. I didn't budge, and had my jaws clamped on the wings for 5 minutes while the hoomans tried to get the wings outta my mighy jaws. I stole some of Fluffy's food, just for funs. I made Monster Pops angry, reaaallly angry just for the heck of it.

I'll have the peektures of CNY up as soon as I can!

Remember, I'm a BAAAADD dog!

08 February 2011

Escapee alert!

Hi everyone! Ohmyhamster, what a crazy hectic week we had. Mum wants to apologize for the lack of updates. Mum put Chubbs and I in her room, lest we get disturbed by the hooman pups when they were at our home. I took the chance to chew a hole through the cover of my house, and escaped. I had a nice run in the room, and also chewed on some wires, and now Mum can't start her yaptop.

I didn't drive my mobile out into her room, nope.

Please don't be mad...

She's going to try and find some time to fix the wires, but in the meantime, we will be telling Mum what to write and post, and Mum will update the blog from her office. & we will visit all of our furiends from home on her iPod.

We will come and visit you as soon as we can!

With love,
The very cute, and sweet Fluffy!