20 November 2014

A says...

A says the best thing to get home to after a long, strenous day of work is...


I think she's right!

14 November 2014


So, A says she doesn't have as much time as she did in the past to post because her new workplace requires to travel at the very least 3 hours every day, and she spends about 11 hours in the office; according to my pawculations, that's about 3842 doggy years. I must say, my hooman is being exploited and she doesn't know it. I have to think of ways to take revenge for her!

In the meantime, it's been raining a lot these past few days, so I've been in my lazy snuggling mood. (I *am* still thinking of devious ways for A, but I have to rest my head because I have many pressing matters to take care of at home.)

Look at me being all lazy, bahaha. Still looking very good, I say, don't you guys agree?

Oh! I spy someone eating ice cream. Gotta run to get my share!

I'll be back!


19 October 2014

My Useless Human Slaves

Okay, so I have problems...

A has actually.. *gasp*.. forgotten the email credentials for my blog, which is why I wasn't around for so long. I managed to make her remember this email that was linked to the main account, so I'm currently using her email address to write this post. 

What the ****!

I really should fire her and find a new slave!

I have so many things to say, but I'm making A try to dig out the email address and password. In the meantime, if anyone has the email address that I used to liaise with you last time, please let me know. It'll be much easier that way! *puppy eyes*