31 October 2010

Grooming tortures

Geez, what a horrid day.

Firstly, I had to be showered on this freeeeezzzing day.

Secondly, I had to be groomed and had my fur trimmed in the balcony by A while Coco ran around free in the balcony.

& I hate it when the 2 critters run around free and I can't see them because they are so tiny, and I don't know if they will nibble on my furry paws!

Grrrr. I shall sleep this day away, and irritate the hoomans by growling and barking at the door.

ps: the peeks of me barking were taken few months ago, that's why the hair looks abit funny. I just came back from my regular groomer (the hoomans kept saying I look weird/ugly. ): I thought I looked pretty suave. I always look good, yeppies.).


First Bark!

Testing my paws on the new blog!