30 June 2011

Sleepy Thursday

Since A is on MC for the past 2 days, I've been crashing with her. Snooooze. Ok back to bed.

24 June 2011

I have no furs...

So, just recently, I was dragged to the groomer's. & I went looking like this...

A little dirty, but with my great mane..


this! Oh man, the horror...

"You talking to me? Nope, not gonna care. You can kiss my non-furry butt."

So to exact revenge, I decided to not let A sleep. This is what I did when she was getting ready for bed.

A: *packs her bags, and whatever nonsense she needs for work.*
Me: jumps onto the bed, stealth mode, and snuggles up by her pillow.
A: turns around to see me snoozing.


Nope, not gonna move. You can sleep on the floor tonight.

Hehe, goodnight everyone!

19 June 2011

PawsBang at the picnic!

Hey everyone! We are here to rock your socks off at this picnic! I hope all of you are ready to rock n roll, because I sure am pumped to be here! Sorry we arrived a little late though, Fluffy couldn't wake on time, BOL.

Fluffy insisted on playing with us, because she couldn't stand being cooped up at home and having A irritating her all the time. Bahaha. A said Fluffy can't play the keyboards alone, because she's too small, and will get tired from playing by herself. So she said she'd let her play the tambourine instead. The other baby hamsters, Pepper, Pixie, and Skooter weren't allowed to join us because they are WAAAAY too young and small. So there she is, jumping up and down on the tambourine. BOL.
As usual, we have all our members:
Sarge on drums
Asta on bass
Honeybuzz on rhythm guitar,
and myself on the lead guitar.

So let's get this pawty started, everyone!
"Hey ho, Let's go!!"

We'll be taking song dedications, so feel free to drop us a comment on what songs you'd like us to play, and/or to whom! ;)