25 May 2011

Fluffy Wednesday

Hi everyone, it's Fluffy here! I hope none of you have forgotten about me! Here are some pictures to remind you of how cute I am, hehehehe.


24 May 2011

I'm back!!!

Hi everybuddy! I know I haven't been around much, but I have missed ALL OF YOU so much! I hope none of you have forgotten about me. I don't have a picture of me as of late, but don't worry, I'm still looking good. Hehe. Thank you for the kind words you have left for us. Pops is healing pretty quickly, which I'm sure is because of your nice thoughts, vibes, and prayers. It is pretty sad that the hamsters had to leave us so quickly, and our hearts still hurt that they're no longer with us, but we're happy they are not hurting over at the Rainbow Bridge. We're sure all 3 of them are having fun with Bobo, Coco, Cola, and Prince now.

A's friend brought his bunny to stay at our place for a couple of days, which is pretty cool, because I mean, hey it's a bunny. At MY place.

Here's a picture of Bun Jovi:

He's pretty cute and nice. But A wouldn't let me go near him because she says Buns is scared of me. And my whining didn't win her over this time. Seriously?! How can she say no to ME, right? I'm afraid my position in this family is getting compromised because of this bunny. The hoomans need more training. Does anyone know where I can send hoomans for proper training for a few kibbles?

Anyhoos, I'm thinking of getting a new secretary. My blog has been severely neglected, and I don't get to use the yaptop as often because the hoomans are so busy (not with me, I've no idea what they're busy with). Anyone knows of any good recommendations? I'll provide lodging, food, water, hamsters, and of course, MY company.