30 July 2011


Hey everyone!

Guess who's back? Back again!

That's right! It's meeee. Bahaha. I haven't been around much, I know.. But I hope you haven't forgotten me yet.

So A has been working from home because she got injured in an accident (but she's okay, all thanks to my nice kisses and cuddles).

& I got bored one day, and decided to do some decorating around the house. But the hoomans didn't really like it...

This is what I did with the papers I found on the floor. I thought they looked pretty good. I mean, the whole house looks pretty plain and boring, so I thought I'd be nice and do something while all of them were busy with work and school, and what not.

But nooo, I got sent to the kitchen for being "naughty". So much for being nice, huh.

And Roo, this is for you!
Fluffy decided to hoard all her food into her cheeks one day, and this is how she looked. BOL.