05 November 2010

Pre-Public Holiday

Okay, I think my pitiful act didn't work on A, but I'm sure it worked on the Big Dawgs across the Rainbow Bridge! The person A was getting the critter from backed out LAST MINUTE! Oh thank dawg!

Anyhoos, after the hoomans got back from work today, A took me for a loooong walk! To the bridge, behind the block, around the bridge, back to the block. She was disappointed we didn't meet any dogs though. But whatever, I hate the bridge area. There are always weird noises!

So anyways, after I got home and had dinner, Mom and A said they were gonna go to the nearby neighbourhood with the eateries and the neighbourhood shops to buy some stuff. One look, and I bowled them over, and my walking collar was on again! So we walked, because Monster Pops took the car.

Hurry up already!

Yep, this pillar is mine!

So is this lamp post!

While waiting for Momma to buy her stuffs (nothing for me, grr), I saw this beautiful Shetland Sheepdog named Chloe!

Chloe the beautiful Sheltie.

While we were playing, we met this nice lady who gave me nice headrubs. Her dog sneaked out of the house without them noticing. I hope the doggy is safe and sound, and someone returns him to the lady soon. I've heard scary stories of doggies being eaten! Gyak!

Momma and A got back home and started doing something for the annoying critters in the house! A said Chubbs was gonna move, to a bigger house!

Gotta check on Momma, see if she needs a helping paw.

So after 4 hours, this is the new home of Chubbs!

Chubbs enjoying his new house!

Coco's bungalow.

The critters' homes.

Oh dawgie, I sure am pooped! I'm gonna go snore now.


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