05 November 2010

Chubbs in the house!

Okay, now that the insane dog is finally asleep, it's my turn to use this blog thingy!

Pepsi: I see me!

So, as you've learned by now, I've a new house. Hand made by Mum and Grandmomma. I'm now residing just ABOVE Coco! HA! Now you can't say I live in a HDB, you snobbish princess.

Did you say I was moving outta the HDB??!

Oh cheese, there's Mum, and she sees me!

Ahh, so tired from the moving..

Just in case you still don't know how I look like.



3 doxies said...

Uh...you is a hamster...uh, no offense but you look kinda tasty...hehehehe! Um, okays, I thinks we is gonna be good furiends cuz you sure is kinda cute. I likes your personality too...you is gonna be fun to hang withs.


Those Elgin Pugs said...

Awwwwww!!! You is sooooooooo cutes!! We's were told 'bout yous from Puddles!!

Hers told us to come here and we do as she says... snorts!!

We likes yous bloggy...

we's little puggies!!

IzZY, Josie, TriXie and Anakin Man

Unknown said...

Hello theres!!! My name is Minna Krebs, and I'm a doxie from Texas! You guys look like LOTS of fun......hope we can be furrends


My Mind's Eye said...

Chubbs...howdy to you... we heard about you over at Puddles' blog. My name is Madi (aka Diva cat). I love all creatures great and small. You are the tiniest little friend I have,
hugs Madi

Anonymous said...

Hi Chubbs! My name is Mayzie and my furend Puddles told me about you. Gosh! IT's nice to meet you. Did you know that I've been trying to talk my mom into getting me a chin-chilly-ah or a Jenny Pig for AGES? Every time we go to PetSmart, I'm like "Mooooommmmm....can I PLEASE have a small furry creature? PUHLEEZE?" And she's all, "No." It's very sad. I don't know WHAT she thinks I would do with a small furry creature such as yourself. It's like she doesn't trust me or something. Weird.

Anyways, I guess since I can't have a small furry creature of my own, I'll just have to come visit YOU!

Wiggles & Wags,

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Hi Chubbs,

We wanted to thank you or Pepsi or whoever it was that stopped by our blog. Nice to meet you - hope to see more of you and Pepsi too.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Lorenza said...

Puddles told us about your blog and I wanted to come and say hello!
Kisses and hugs