24 April 2011

Ronnii's Barkday Pawty

OMD, look at the crowd waiting for the pawty to start. PawsBang spent the week jamming and getting ready, practicing till our paws were sore! And oh my, what a stage we have!

Check out Honeybuzz rocking on the rhythm guitar!

Sexy Asta on the bass guitar!
I'm trying to impersonate Angus Young's duck walk, hehe.

 My lovely hammie friends are out too, for this special barkday pawty for Ronnii! Hehe.

& of course, we have Sarge the rocking, drummer! Look at those arms! Bahahaha. He sure has been practicing hard!

Of course we didn't come with only the music! We brought......


Hope everyone's having a blast at the pawty! Okay I gotta head back to the stage, hehe.

Happy Barkday Ronnii!

13 April 2011

Wordless Wednesday

What's for lunch, Mom?

02 April 2011


Hi everyone! There have been 3 cases of missing hamsters in the house so I didn't really have the chance to update my bloggie. Ugh. Crazy hammies.

Pepper didn't show up until 3 days later! And then she finally showed up on the 3rd day. BOL. She was starving because she didn't have enough food. Tsk. I'll share with the stories in another post, but for now...

HERE I AM!! On top of a flight of stairs making my way down for a walk. Hehe.

I saw my arch enemy, a pup of our neighbor's. I don't like her, and my hoomans can't figure out why. I hate how she always gets to go for walks around MY neighborhood after midnight, after I have marked my territories. So when I was having my walkie, the neighbor brought the 2 dogs down, and when I saw em', I went CRAZY! A hurriedly carried me and I did this to her...

That's for trying to help them, you stupid hooman. You should have let me at em'! Bahaha. Nah, I just bark and don't do anything else. I'm not that aggressive. I just want to show em' who is boss. Hehe. Oh wells.

I be back soon!