22 November 2010

Monday Blues~

I thought I got away with it for this week. I really thought that the hoomans would feel guilty for leaving me at home while they went to Malaysia over the weekends, they would try to make it up to me by not giving me a shower... But guess what? I had a shower anyways, on a MONDAY NIGHT!

I had to show my displeasure after the torture.

Still looking very wet and disgruntled.

But it's okay, because I've my ways of feeling better after a bad night like this.

A good round of loving~

I'm telling you, nothing beats the horrors of showers than a good round of loving!
(A: This boy jumped onto my bed, and stole this doll and claimed it as his lover!)

Oh well, at least I get to rub myself down on Mom's bed!


Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry abouts your B.A.T.H., Pepsi. I had to gets one of those last weekend. Something abouts going to visit peoples for Thanksgiving and not showing up all stinkified. What's THAT about?

And abouts the lovin' - well, um, (blush) - I don't really have to much to add.

Wiggles & Wags,

The Daily Pip said...

OH NO, not a BATH! That is the worst. You deserve lots of cuddling after such torture!

Your pal, Pip

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

We are so glad we don't have to have baths very often. We hate baths. But if there were any chance we could get to roll around on the humans' bed, we just might change our minds.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Lorenza said...

You have a pretty good way to forget the baths!
Kisses and hugs

White Dog Blog said...

If they make you take a bath in a way they have asked, no INVITED, you to roll on their bed to dry off! But remember to get the pillows, too! It seems like doll loving would be a good way to dry off some of those hard to reach parts! :) Thanks for visiting me, please come by again.

Oh, and welcome to the blogging world...this is a community of the best and finest two- and four-leggeds anywhere! We are glad you will be adding your voice.

Sunshade said...

Pepsi Bum!!! You are ADORABLE..*ahem* I meant HANDSOME! Thank you so much for being a faithful blog reader of mine. I'm so happy another handsome such as yourself decided to blog. Your Mousie siblings are adorable... I want one too but mum won't get me one...

Sorry it took us a while to come visit you, mum has been kinda crazy and hasn't been to any blogs. We just wanted to let you know that we are very happy to have you as a friend!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Yoda_the_Dog said...

Nice meeting you Pepsi!